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Youth Yoga Open House - Thurs, Nov. 29th, 4:30p-5:15p & Tues, Dec 4th, 4:30p-5:15p

We’re looking for kids ages 7-16 interested in developing strength, flexibility, & an overall sense of well-being.
Thur Nov 29 4:30-5:15pm 7-12 yrs.
Tues Dec 4 4:30-5:15pm 12-16 yrs.
ClubFitness Oak Branch
Instructor: Jennifer Jeannette

Youth classes with Jennifer include all aspects of yoga including both empowering and calming physical sequences, guided relaxation, mindfulness training, age-appropriate
breathing practices and basic anatomy lessons. Games, stories, singing, and partner work are often included to create a well-rounded and enriching experience.
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