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Bubble Sports

Bubble Sports

Bubble Sports is a unique and exciting way to compete and play! An exciting twist on the traditional game of soccer, you will be wrapped in a giant, soft inflatable Bubble Ball with shoulder harnesses and handles inside! 

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Have a Ball with Bubble Soccer at ClubFitness

One of the newest, most popular activities in the country, Bubble Soccer is the absolute most fun you can have wrapped up in a huge, inflatable ball. The game – part soccer, part tackle football, part gymnastics – allows you to throw your body around, as haphazardly as you'd like, with minimal risk of injury.  

During play, participants compete to score goals while wrapped in giant, soft Bubble Balls with shoulder harnesses and secure handles. The Bubble Ball protects from extreme physical contact and allows you to safely put your body through severe impacts that would otherwise be too dangerous. Run around, roll around or slam into as many things as you want, and still go home without a scratch.

Check out our video showing all the different ways to have fun with Bubble Sports. 

Bubble Sport Packages

At ClubFitness, we offer bubble sports packages and birthday parties for children and adults. Bubble soccer is a great activity for church youth groups, school clubs, company team building events, public events in downtown parks and much more.  

Try Bubble Sports at ClubFitness

If you're looking to unleash your wild, athletic side, let loose with Bubble Sports at ClubFitness – just one of our several non-traditional athletic program offerings. We also host kids parties and have our very own Kids Korner, where parents can exercise while their kids play with our loving staff!

Learn more about ClubFitness programs and the benefits available to our members by requesting a guided tour at either of our two locations. 

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