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Stay Healthy, Active & Confident with Aqua Fitness

There are so many reasons to get in the pool at ClubFitness. Swimming is a total body workout, and a great way to get in shape or maintain your fitness level. But the pool isn’t just for life-long swimming enthusiasts. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of aqua fitness.

Water’s unique healing and meditative properties make it the ideal exercise setting for older adults with aching joints or athletes recovering from injury. Aquatic exercise is low-impact, putting much less pressure on your frame than more traditional physical exercise, and lowering your risk of injury or re-injury. Water aerobics exercises are also often recommended to pregnant women as a safe method of strengthening shoulder and abdominal muscles – the areas under the most strain during pregnancy.

Exercise in water promotes greater blood circulation, which delivers more oxygen to your muscles and can positively affect your mood. Jumping in the pool for just a few minutes in the morning can help you start your day with clarity and purpose.

So, what are you waiting for? Getting in the pool regularly is a great way to conquer your fitness goals. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art aquatic facilities, including our freshly renovated Olympic-size swimming pool at Oak Branch.

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Swimming Classes at ClubFitness  

Not everyone learns to swim as a kid. And not everyone is confident in their abilities, even if they were taught before.

At ClubFitness, we want everyone to feel at home in the water. That’s why we offer swimming classes for adults and children, taught by some of the best, certified trainers in the Triad. We also host kids parties!

Sign up for a swimming class at ClubFitness today, and master a skill that lasts a lifetime.


This one hour class of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in the pool will get your heart rate up while toning your muscles. HIIT is the most efficient way your body will burn fat, so join us for H2O HITT!
Available at Oak Branch location.

Deep Water

A non-impact water resistance training class that improves muscle tone, aerobic capacity, flexibility, strength, and endurance with the use of resistance equipment in the deep water.
Available at Oak Branch location.

Aqua Post-Rehab

This 60 minute class consists of low intensity exercises emphasizing range of motion, balance, and mild muscle strengthening for people with arthritis, chronic back, and joint pain.
Available at Oak Branch location.

Water Fitness

This shallow-water, high intensity workout is designed to improve whole-body fitness by challenging your core, posture, balance and strength without stress to your joints. In this realistic approach to developing a healthy body, modifications are provided so you can customize your workouts based on your individual goals. You don't need to know how to swim to reap cardiovascular benefits while increasing both your flexibility and strength. 
Available at Green Valley location.

Gentle Aqua

This class is geared toward low impact, low intensity water mobility, flexibility, and stretching. Move gently through the water and discover the benefits of buoyancy and resistance. There is no special skill required...just a willing heart and the desire to be healthy and happy.
Available at Oak Branch and Green Valley locations.

Power Hour

This shallow water class provides a great cardiovascular workout, increases flexibility, and enhances strength without stress on your joints.  The water provides resistance to movement while assisting your circulatory system and helps keep you cool. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or non-swimmer, fit or getting in shape, you’ll enjoy the benefits of water exercise.
Available at Oak Branch location.

Water Works

Music! Music! Music! Working to the steady beat of music, men and women will use the resistance of the water to build cardio and muscular stamina. This is a one-hour, non-stop, shallow water workout designed to make “white caps” form in the pool. Moving to Top-4o, Oldie-Goldies, Disco, Broadway, Country and special Holiday Music, you’ll become a believer that WaterWorks!
Available at Oak Branch and Green Valley locations.

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