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Non-Contact Boxing Classes

The Clubs boxing logoBuild Muscle Till' the Bell Rings with Interval Training Boxing Classes

Get fit, build muscle, and learn the basics. While you won't be doing any actual fighting in our classes, you will learn boxing fundamentals through a 50-minute heavy bag workout led by one of our amazing trainers. 

If you want to learn more about the sport and are looking for an alternative way to get fit, ClubFitness offers interval training boxing classes fit for men and women alike, right here in Greensboro, NC; including beginner boxing classes. Our group fitness classes are fast-paced and take the guesswork out of your daily workout while challenging you with different focuses each session. You will improve your coordination, strength, and stamina with no worry of ever getting hit.



Class Structure

At ClubFitness, you'll have access to a great, full-body workout in just under an hour with an experienced trainer leading you through each session. Each 50-minute group fitness class features a warmup, eight 3-minute rounds, and a 10-minute strength and core finisher. We strategically designed this workout to allow you to go at your own pace, making our classes accessible to you, no matter your age, fitness level or prior boxing experience.

Our boxing studio features 15 smart, 100-lb. heavy bags powered by Impact Wrap (exclusive to our facility) so that you can track your progress and improvement, providing you with key metrics after every class! Through our bag sensors, each of your strikes on the heavy bag is counted along with its intensity (average force) to determine your Impact Score. There is nothing better than motivation you can measure, and our sensors allow you to track your improvement and progress over time.


What Are the Benefits of Boxing Classes? 

Strengthening Your Heart

Boxing isn't just about punching. As a high-energy, full-body sport, boxing is a great way to strengthen your cardiovascular health.

Improved Coordination & Balance

While they may make it look easy in the movies, boxing not only requires a lot of concentration but also stability. Establishing a strong base, while incorporating footwork and reactive movement strategies all aid in improving your overall coordination and balance. Building punch combinations on the heavy bag and following the instructor's calls don't hurt either!  

Stress Relief

While sports and exercise in general serve as a great way to relieve stress, hitting a 100 lb. heavy bag is next level. Leave the stress of the day behind while boosting those endorphins, one punch at a time. 

Build Muscle

Our full-body workout serves as a great opportunity to build your overall strength and further develop your muscles all while being relatively low impact. The resistance training provided by the heavy bag will help build lean muscle and improve your strength. Our 10 minute strength and core finisher works to improve your core strength to better power your boxing workout.

No matter your level of experience with the sport, there is a place for everyone at ClubFitness. While you don't need to be a pro to join, we do recommend that you join us for one of our beginner boxing classes to ensure that you receive a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of boxing before you're ready to take it up a notch. In our beginner classes, you will focus primarily on learning the six basic punches, hand-wrapping, and several other need-to-know skills. Once you have learned the basics, you are ready for a safe and productive first-time experience with the continued support of our training staff.

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