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“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body.” - Joseph H. Pilates

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a vigorous full body exercise system that is designed to develop longer, leaner muscles, establish core strength and stability, and connect your mind and body. Pilates exercises can be tailored to any level of health and fitness; from someone in rehabilitation to the elite athlete. 

Pilates At ClubFitness Oak Branch

Our team of highly experienced & specialized instructors is excited to welcome you to our Pilates program and help you achieve your fitness goals. We offer private & duet sessions, small & large group classes.  We utilize Pilates apparatus such as Reformer, Tower, Chair, Arc Barrel, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Jumpboard & Cadillac.  Find details of all our classes below!

How To Get Started

ClubFitness members interested in joining our group Pilates sessions may do so through two methods: Taking four one-on-one Pilates sessions offered in our Introduction Package or by successfully completing a one-time Pilates assessment. The Introduction Package is recommended for members with no prior Pilates equipment experience, while the Pilates assessment is intended for members with recent Pilates Reformer experience (within one year).

intro pilates

Introductory Package ($200) 

This package is intended for members with no previous Pilates experience looking for either specialized one-on-one Pilates training or to enter ClubFitness’s Pilates group equipment classes. The member will receive four one-on-one 55-minute sessions with one of our certified Pilates instructors. In these sessions, you will receive instruction on correct alignment, modifications to suit your individual needs, and proper techniques and transitions to keep your Pilates practice safe and effective. Most members are ready to progress into our group classes after the completion of the Intro Package, however, the instructor has the right to recommend further private sessions at the discounted rate prior to entering into the group classes. The Intro Package can also be shared with a friend for $100 per person! Please note that this discounted rate is for current ClubFitness members only. To schedule an Intro Package please e-mail our Pilates team at pilates@clubfitnessgso.com

One-on-One Assessment ($65)

All members with previous Pilates experience are required to have a private 55-minute assessment with one of our certified Pilates Instructors prior to entering into our group equipment classes. The instructor will determine the member’s ability level and will recommend either further private training sessions for technique refinement or graduate the member into the group equipment classes. To schedule a One-on-One Assessment please e-mail our Pilates team at pilates@clubfitnessgso.com.

Intro to Pilates Reformer ($100)

Designed for individuals new to Pilates, these 4 classes provide an introduction to the Pilates Reformer. Members learn the principles of Pilates through a series of exercises designed to improve breath support, core strength, balance and coordination. In these classes students develop body awareness, dynamic alignment and overall body strength while relieving stress and tension. Prerequisite to Reform and Rejuvenate. To register for the Intro to Reformer class please email the Concierge Desk at info@clubfitnessgso.com.

duet pilates


One Session $70

Package of Five Sessions $325

Package of Ten Sessions $650


One Session $35

Package of Five Sessions $162.50

Package of Ten Sessions $325

small group pilates

For those interested in more traditional Pilates programming, these four-person classes are offered to ClubFitness members at an additional fee and utilize the Pilates Tower, Chair, Arc Barrel/Spine Corrector, and Jump Board. Members in our small group classes appreciate the additional attention to form as well as the added challenge of the diverse apparatus. If you have questions or would like to register in our specialty Pilates classes, please contact the ClubFitness Concierge Desk at info@clubfitnessgso.com

Pilates Core This class is ideal for current Pilates program members looking to deepen their understanding of the Pilates method. Experience a full body workout in a safe and effective way while reviewing the fundamentals of core strength and alignment. Improve your posture and increase your strength and endurance while continuing to build on the foundation of knowledge about Pilates exercises necessary to improve your practice and take you to the next level. This workout is designed to help participants develop longer, leaner muscles, establish core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness.

Pilates Tower Tone & Stretch This small group class utilizes the Pilates Tower and small props to aid class members in strengthening and lengthening their bodies! The Pilates Tower adds variety, challenge, support, and resistance to each participant's Pilates repertoire. Exercises will mobilize the spine, hip, and shoulder in each direction while building strength, endurance, and flexibility. Class level depends on the participants.

Pilates for Men This small group class is developed specifically for men! Pilates can help men to create longer, more balanced and flexible muscles while strengthening the core and reducing the possibility of injury. Class participants will find that Pilates can develop both the large and small muscle groups that, in turn, make it possible to quickly build stronger arms, legs, and increase chest strength. Pilates can also help to increase mobility and balance, thus resulting in a better golf or tennis game! This class utilizes all Pilates apparatus to create a well-rounded program.

Cardio Circuit Get ready to have a JUMPING good time in this fast-paced Pilates Interval style class! We will get the blood pumping and muscles toned by using the Jump board, Tower, Reformer, and Chair.

Jump Board Intervals (10 People Max.) Be prepared to get your blood pumping! This multi-level class is focused on increasing your cardiovascular endurance by using the jump board on the Pilates Reformer. In addition to timed jumping intervals, this class includes strength-based work to guarantee a well-rounded workout. Those with major structural injuries or degenerative conditions (especially those concerning the spine, knee, and hip) are not well-suited for this class.

Advanced Apparatus Are you ready for a new challenge? Pilates Advanced Apparatus uses the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Chair, Mat, and Barrels to help members get to a whole new level in their Pilates practice. In this Advanced small-group class you will be expected to know the names of exercises, be coordinated and have proficient balance. Everyone progresses at a different rate, but generally speaking, you should be free of injuries and major physical restrictions and have been consistently practicing Pilates for at least year before considering this level. This small Advanced Pilates class is only open to those who have been approved/invited by the instructor or director.

Pilates Mixed Equipment  Are you ready to diversify your Pilates training? Pilates Mixed Equipment uses the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Chair, Mat, and Barrels to help members get to an entirely new level in their Pilates practice. In this small-group class you should have prior Pilates experience and be free of injuries and major physical restrictions.


large group pilates

Reform This Pilates reformer class is ideal for those new to Pilates as well as those looking to refine their practice. Members will perform traditional Pilates reformer exercises using slow, controlled movements while focusing on alignment, stability, and breath. When done consistently, these exercises will aid in improving alignment, posture, balance, mobility, and strength.

Rejuvenate Slow down and give your body the attention it deserves! This Pilates class takes place on both the Mat and Reformer and will help you to restore, realign, and renew your body. Classes may also use small props such as the stability cushion or foam roller to aid in increasing mobility, balance and flexibility.

mat pilates

This class is a group training classes performed on the floor using just your body weight. Small props like hand weights, stability ball or magic circle can be added to increase the intensity of the exercises. Mat classes are designed to focus on core strength and stability with the purpose of improving posture and helping to prevent injury in sports and daily activities. Modifications will be offered to accommodate different body types and levels of fitness. Minimum requirements: Please note, this class is open to all members of Club Fitness and has no pre-requisites.


Register today!

To register for the Introductory Package or One-on-One Assessment e-mail our Pilates team at pilates@clubfitnessgso.com.

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