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What Is Pilates?

The Pilates exercise technique is named after Joseph Pilates (1890 to 1967). He was famous for his strong muscled body, and brought his exercise protocol and uniquely designed exercise equipment to the United States after WW1, at the invitation of a famous boxer who wanted Joseph to be his personal trainer. Joseph studied ALL of the exercise techniques that existed in his day, incorporating Diaphragmatic Breathing ( he had asthma and breathing exercises were necessary for him to tolerate activity), Yoga, Marial Arts, Greek and Roman Gymnastics, and Boxing.

There are several principles employed in the technique, with a focus on utilizing total body weight exercises against gravity, on a mat, or on his spring loaded moving platform exercise equipment.

Grow tall, lean, strong, core and pelvic floor muscles, finish with good posture, and functional flexibility and strength. Pilates is a discipline, and it is progressive, building your movement patterns stronger and stronger over time.

Club Fitness Pilates Studio

Club Fitness offers a fully equipped Pilates studio in the front room with double doors, on the second floor at the top of the steps at 21-A Oak Branch Drive. There are 4 reformers with towers, a convertible Trapeze Table, 5 standard reformers, 4 spine correctors and combo chairs, and one ladder barrel. There are assorted props including Therapy balls, foam rollers, stretch bands, hand weights, and mats. The studio also has a Pilates Barre and mirrors.

The Benefits of Pilates

  • Strong core and pelvic floor
  • Increased Total Body Flexibility
  • Improved Co ordination
  • Enhanced Focus and Concentration
  • Immune System Support
  • Lean Body Mass, and Body Contour

Pilates is for everyone!

*Pilates for Adults and Athletes.

We offer Private and Semiprivate Pilates Equipment classes for those with good health, who are used to vigorous exercise and want to improve their sports performance to the next level. ( Improve Golf, Swimming, Diving, Pickleball, Tennis; Ball Room Dancing )

* Pilates over 50 and Post Rehabilitation Pilates

( taught by a Certified Pilates Instructor who is also a Physical Therapist)

We provide continued injury recovery AFTER you have been DISCHARGED from Physical Therapy.

After a Physical Assessment, a tailored program with precautions and modifications is provided to safely maximize your Fitness Levels, as you continue your route to recovery.

Take Advantage of Great Pilates Classes

The Pilates classes are an additional charge, but are worth every penny! Prices are very competitive compared with other Pilates studios in the area.

Club Fitness Pilates Classes

  1. Intro to Pilates
  2. Back and Bone Friendly
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advanced for Fit Adults and Athletes

All private and group classes are by appointment only. Appointments may be set by contacting the Pilates instructor. All new clients must go through an Initial Assessment/Screening prior to starting any private or semiprivate sessions. Classes are available in the morning or late afternoon on various days of the week, including Saturdays by appointment.

Pilates Registration

Classes are 55 minutes long

Intro to Pilates is limited to 4 students

Intermediate and Advanced Semiprivate Pilates Equipment classes for Fit Adults and Athletes are limited to 4-6 students

Club Fitness reserves the Right to cancel a class with low enrollment.

Payment is due at the time of Registration.

Pilates is a progressive exercise program, building strength and total body motor control gradually. Consistent attendance provides habitual positive postural changes in the “long run”.

There will be no make up classes for absences and failure to cancel within 24 hours in advance. You will be charged for the full amount of the class.

If the instructor cancels the class, a make up lesson day/time will be arranged.


Non Members: There is an additional 5 dollar surcharge for every Private or Semiprivate Pilates Equipment class

Member package : Pilates Equipment Classes

Private ( one student) Allows for intense focus on an individuals fitness needs and goals.

Private 55 min session $85.00 per session ( one session)

Private session 4 pack $80.00 per session ($ 320.00)

Private session 8 pack $75.00 per session ($600.00)

Semiprivate Pilates Equipment class ( minimum of two students)

One 55 minute session $45.00

Semiprivate 4 pack $40 per session ($160.00)

Semiprivate 8 pack $35.00 per session ( $280.00)

Half Private Session:

One 25 Minute Private Session $45.00

Private 25 min 4 pack $40.00 per visit ($160.00)

Private 25 min 8 pack $35.00 per visit ($280.00)

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