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Tai Chi

Experience Better Physical and Mental Health with Tai Chi Classes

When you think martial arts, you may not typically associate the concept with a stream of slow, methodical, continuous movements. But, that's exactly what you'll find at tai chi classes at Greensboro's premier health club, ClubFitness. Tai chi classes incorporate relaxation and meditation, and help you strengthen your mind-body connection.

While the form of exercise can certainly be practiced as a sport, and even used to learn self-defense, the popularity of tai chi in the United States and the Western world has much to do with the health benefits it offers. From improving mood to increasing muscle strength, this versatile Chinese tradition helps people of all ages and physical abilities maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Classes are offered several times a week in our Green Valley and Oak Branch locations. Be sure to check the schedule to find your most convenient class time. 

What is Tai Chi?

Like yoga, tai chi is a meditative form of exercise that blends physical movement with purposeful breathing. Unlike yoga, it involves constant, gently-paced, flowing movements. The tradition is often described as meditation in motion. 

There are many different styles, and variations exist within each style. However, all forms of the art can help you achieve a stronger body, healthier mind and a more peaceful, stress-free outlook.

For long-time practitioners, tai chi transcends exercise and becomes a way of life.

What to Expect from Tai Chi Classes at ClubFitness

Tai Chi classes at ClubFitness last one hour and include a 5-minute warm-up period at the start, as well as a cool-down period of the same duration at the conclusion. Classes follow the 24-exercise, Simplified Form format.

Instructors monitor participants for proper technique and may offer corrective suggestions as necessary.

Be sure to bring a refillable water bottle and wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. And, let your instructor know prior to the start of class of any limitations, injuries or other physical hindrances.

Benefits of Tai Chi

The benefits of tai chi are both physical and mental. 

Reduced Stress

A 2018 study proved that tai chi provides at least the same benefits for managing stress as other forms of exercise. Researchers noted that the practice may be better suited to relieve stress and anxiety due to the use of meditation and focused breathing.  

Greater Muscle Strength

Just because they are slow and deliberate, doesn't mean that tai chi movements don't work your muscles. Tai chi can improve both upper-body and lower-body strength and is comparable to the physical results from resistance training and brisk walking. 

More Flexibility

In addition to improving strength, tai chi can help improve upper-body and lower-body flexibility.  

Better Balance 

Regular tai chi classes can help improve balance and help older adults avoid falls. The practice has a positive effect on the ability to sense and manage one's body position in space – a skill that typically deteriorates with age. 

Improved cognition

Tai chi can be used to combat cognitive decline – another known age-related health factor. A number of studies have found benefits for older adults in the areas of cognitive and memory function. 

Better Sleep

Tai chi can help both young and older adults sleep better. This benefit might be related to the stress-reducing qualities of the practice.

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