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Parisi Youth Sports Performance

Parisi Speed School

Parisi Youth Sports Performance is recognized as the country's premiere athletic performance enhancement program for youth athletics. Using techniques that have produced over 190 NFL draft picks, our specially trained performance coaches deliver a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.

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Focus:  Sets an early athletic function

The Parisi Jump Start Program is taught by certified Parisi Performance Coaches & utilizes the most up-to-date research to build a young athlete's physical foundation, improve their coordination & self-esteem.  Our signature speed & strength training methods are serious, but all within a fun & friendly environment to ensure the young athlete is engage & motivated to give 110%.

The Jump Start Program has been proven to enhance:

  • Coordination
  • Running Technique
  • Body Weight Strength
  • First Step Quickness
  • Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Confidence

Our Jump Start Program is divided into Jump Start 1 for ages 7-10 and Jump Start 2 for ages 11-12.  Regardless of the division, our Performance Coaches are specifically trained to motivate & challenge the young athlete, while providing age-level safe & appropriate training techniques & corrections that set a foundation for good life-time habits.

Jump Start is a must for any young person who wants to develop foundational athletics skills that will help them rise above their competition.

Speed is a learned skill, and Parisi Speed School at ClubFitness Greensboro is the place to learn!

The Total Performance Program uses our signature speed and strength training methods, cutting-edge coaching techniques and the most up-to-date research, in order to improve maximum improvements in athletic performance.

At this level programming is broken down into an individual focus per session

  • Linear Speed:  Parisi's signature straight-ahead acceleration and top-speed running techniques
  • Change of Direction:  Agility and ability to decelerate and move in any direction quickly
  • Upper and Lower Body Strength:  Strength training exercises for muscle development and injury prevention

Many experts view the teenage years as the most ideal age for developing speed, strength and power over an athlete's entire lifetime.  Contact us today and sign-up for the program with the critical specifics needed for athletic success and a "Total Performance".

The Elite Performance Program transitions Total Performance athletes to their next level of ability and focuses on the regression and progression of our signature speed-training methods.

At this level, our coaches:

  • Build on an athlete's physical foundation and develop his or her athletic abilities even further.
  • Begin to work with our athletes to individualize strength training, based on their abilities and specific goals.
  • Continue to help an athlete refind his or skills, in order for them to maximize their strength, aerobic and/or sport specific training

The Youth Total Conditioning Program is designed to get youth off the sofa, off of electronics and into having physical fun and getting fit.  The program develops good exercise habits and awareness of nutrition, as well as addressing "off-the-field" challenges facing youth today.

Parisi Youth Total Conditioning uses fun and exciting modalities like medicine balls, resistance bands, partner body weight exercises, ladders, plyometrics and yoga.  We also incorporate Parisi's speed training methods and the latest in performance and strength training to make this program come alive and produce quick results keeping youth returning for more.

Linear Speed sessions focus on Parisi Youth Sports Performance’s signature straight ahead acceleration and top speed running techniques.

Change of Direction sessions focus on agility and an athlete’s ability to decelerate and move in any direction quickly.

Strength training sessions focus on strength training exercise techniques and strength training information for the upper and lower body.

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