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Elizabeth Johannesen

Elizabeth Johannesen

General Manager

Email: ejohannesen@clubfitnessgso.com

Elizabeth Johannesen is the General Manager at our Green Valley location and has been part of the ClubFitness family for over 30 years- when we were still referred to as Sportime! She started her fitness journey after relocating to North Carolina from Connecticut to attend college. After obtaining her Bachelors degree in Physical Education with a focus in Athletic Training, she started working at Sportime. Her goal was to work there while getting the rest of her practical hours that the NATA required, before she could take the test to be certified as an Athletic Trainer. She soon realized how important fitness was in the prevention of injuries and decided to call Sportime home!!!

Her favorite part about working as part of the ClubFitness family, is all of the wonderful members who never fail to brighten her days. Elizabeth knows all of the ins and outs of ClubFitness and is ready to assist you in answering any and every question you may have. 

FUN FACT: Elizabeth has a big family, that includes her husband Eric, her three amazing children, her four dogs and too many farm animals to count! Elizabeth has many hobbies, outside of ClubFitness, including: fostering puppies and farm animals for Reddog Farm, gardening and landscaping, antique shopping, obsessing over all things Corgis and doing projects around the house.

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