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Need a few more reasons to try ClubFitness? Check out these great health club promotions that will help you stay true to your New Year’s resolutions and keep you on track for healthier living. We also have our ClubAdvantage program that comes with lots of benefits!

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Five-Day Family Pass

Take advantage of full access to both ClubFitness locations, including our luxurious locker rooms, group exercise classes, workout equipment, pool, racquetball courts and kid’s programs.

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Yoga Experience (6 classes for $49)

Whether you’re satisfying your curiosity about this ancient form of exercise or are already an accomplished practitioner, use this package to zero in on the classes that satisfy you the most. Choose classes ranging from beginner and gentle yoga to advanced practice (level 3), or try out a new style, like boxing yoga or power yoga.

Personal Training ($149)

This promotion includes four (4) semi-private training, a MyZone heart rate monitor, and a starting point session with one of our experienced personal trainers. Plus, enjoy unlimited access to Afterburn Training, Foundations Training and Industrial Strength for 30 days. If you’re ready to kick your training into high gear, this offer is for you.

Pilates Reformer- Intro to Pilates ($199)

Package of 4 – One-on-one 55-minute sessions with one of our certified Pilates instructors. This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of Pilates and the Reformer. In these sessions, you will receive instruction on correct alignment, modifications that suit your individual needs, and techniques and transitions.

Tai-Chi (6 classes for $49)

A martial arts based class incorporating relaxation and meditation. A great class focusing on mind and body awareness.

Spin (6 classes for $49)

Be prepared for a hearty workout. Our indoor cycling classes are high-energy affairs, guaranteed to burn through unwanted calories and leave you spent. Take your turn on the bike.

Group Exercise (6 classes for $49)

There are lots of awesome group exercise classes at ClubFitness: Zumba, Sweat, Muscles, Hardcore, water exercise, kickboxing, and the ever-popular Les Mills series of programs are just a few. Find the classes and instructors that you enjoy most.

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Becoming a member of the ClubFitness community provides so much value. But we know that it also requires a commitment on your part.

It’s smart to do your homework before making any long-term decision. Choosing a gym is no different. We see no reason why you couldn’t test drive a ClubFitness membership to make sure that all your needs are met.

To that end, we are happy to make available these gym promotions to help you explore everything that ClubFitness has to offer. Bring your family… there’s something for everyone at ClubFitness.

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