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Swim Lessons for Kids at ClubFitness

Michael Phelps Swimming School

ClubFitness believes swimming is an important life skill for children to master, that's why we offer swim lessons for kids in Greensboro, NC at both ClubFitness locations! Our aquatics program includes instruction geared from baby swim lessons, infant swim lessons, toddler swim lessons up to teen swim lessons. 

ClubFitness' innovative swim programs groom kids to start swimming at a young age. Our lessons vary on different levels of proficiency - from pre-beginner to advanced level swimmers. Instruction is offered in a group setting or on an individual basis providing kids with the means to gain confidence, skill, and precision in the water. 

We offer two swim programs at ClubFitness, each with a distinct curriculum and method of teaching. Learn more about Michael Phelps Swimming and the ClubFitness Toddler Swim Program below. 

Michael Phelps Swimming group classes are currently on hold because of pool space restrictions due to COVID.  We are offering private and semi-private lessons at this time.  Please contact us at info@clubfitnessgso.com or call us at 336.478.2660 for more information or to be placed on the waitlist and be notified when group swim lessons resume. 

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Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons & semi-private swim lessons are arranged directly through our Aquatics Team. Please reach out to us at info@clubfitnessgso.com for scheduling & availability. *Must purchase package of 8 at one time to receive package discounted rate.*

Private Swim Lessons Pricing:

  • $45 per one 30-minute lesson OR $320 per package of 8 lessons ($40 per 30-minute lesson)

Semi-Private Swim Lessons Pricing: *Semi-private swim lessons are for 2 children at the same time with similar swim skill levels. We do not match up swimmers. Pricing below is per child.*

  • $25 per one 30-minute lesson per child

Michael Phelps Swimming

Our Instructors are trained in the Michael Phelps Swimming methodology to ensure kids not only learn the motor skills behind swimming - kicking, strokes, rhythmic breathing - but also, understand the properties of water and how the body functions in an aquatic environment. Some of the concepts taught include:

  • How & why we float
  • Importance of various body positions in the water
  • Why we breath rhythmically
  • Achieving balance in the water

Please see the list below for Michael Phelps Swimming class levels & descriptions. Classes are based on skill & age level. We are happy to help you place your child in the appropriate class.  

30 minute lesson

A parent and child class for children three years of age and younger (exceptions made for older children). Ratio 8:1

30 minute lesson

Our first class without parent involvement. Children will learn to become comfortable in and under the water.  No experience needed.  Children will learn to be comfortable under water, how to float, and the beginning of freestyle movement. Ratio 4:1

30 minute lesson

For children who are comfortable in the water, able to completely submerge, and can float on their front and back without assistance. Children will continue to learn freestyle and learn rotary breathing as well as backstroke. Ratio 4:1

30 minute lesson

For children that can swim freestyle with rotary breathing and can swim on their back. Freestyle (crawl stroke) skills are honed and other competitive strokes will be introduced and taught. Ratio 5:1

30 minute lesson

Intermediate swimmers can swim for a minimum of 25 yards unaided. Additionally, these swimmers demonstrate comfortable rotary breathing with freestyle, a competent backstroke, and feel for the water. Butterfly and breast stroke will be of greater focus.  Ratio 5:1

60 minute lesson

Swimmers must have competent freestyle & backstroke for a minimum of 50 yards, as well as an understanding of butterfly and breast stroke. Stroke technique, development & refinement is highlighted. Ratio 8:1

60 minute lesson

Swimmers must have competent free & back strokes for a minimum of 100 yards.  As well as breast & butterfly strokes for a minimum of 50 yards. Focus on stroke technique, development & refinement, with an emphasis on starts, turns and finishes. Ratio 8:1

20 minute lesson

Beginner level swim class for toddlers, without parent participation. No prior experience required. Working towards comfort under the water and swimming to the wall. Ratio 2:1

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